Sheepish Ginger is a woman who made a big impact in her role at Pine Cove when she was here a few years ago. Now that she’s a blogger and speaker full time, I had to have her come guest post. You’ll enjoy. – Kevin I’ve been married for a little over 14...

The Most Important Quality Of A Spiritual Leader

The Most Important Quality Of A Spiritual Leader I know enough about leadership to know that I don’t know that much about leadership.  I have led groups, worked through various projects, taught large numbers of staff, and done my best to motivate volunteers.  But leadership begins much before all of this. One...

Are You Following To Lead?

Are You Following To Lead? Leadership has become an idol for us.  Well, it has for me.  Over the years, I have found my focus shifting more and more to becoming a more effective leader.  Maybe yours has too.  For me, something needs to change. Jesus’ invitation in Scripture is clear:...

Bad Followership: The Do-Nothings

Bad Followership: The Do-Nothings

This is a guest post from a good friend of mine, Stan Ward. I have known Stan for 18 years. He is one of those odd mixes of people; very deep, yet down to earth. He makes some good points about following in this post.

“Hurry up and wait.” So much of life seems like that. The Christian faith-walk often seems that way, too. There are seasons when we believe God has given us definite work and opportunities, and then there are the in-between seasons. These seasons feel directionless. Rather than moving forward with life, we feel stuck. So what is a good Christ-follower to do when he lacks specific directions from the Lord?