Blogging has its benefits.  Over the last 12 months, and through the process of writing 60 or 70 posts for this site, I have finally been able to verbalize what I’m most passionate about.  You can too.  It starts by answering one simple question.

When I started this blog, there were certain themes running through my mind.  I knew that I wanted to write about following well, leading powerfully, loving your family, and living within your means.

As the year progressed, I realized some of the topics were easy to write about, yet others were more burdensome.  After 10 months or so, I knew I wanted a fresh start, focusing in on certain topics.

In an effort to save you a year of writing blog posts, I would suggest you stop, and consider the answer to this question:

What makes you angry?

Yes, it’s that simple.  Honestly, I should have started with this question a year ago.  Now that I am in the final stages of creating my new blog, the posts will be an outflow of those areas in life that I am most passionate.

Here are some of my answers to this question:

1. Grown men who act like little boys.  This comes in many shapes and sizes.  I get sickened by adults who skirt their responsibilities as husbands or fathers.  They have no idea how deep and wide the wake of destruction is they leave behind.

2. Boys who have incredibly deep wounds, most likely caused by the words and actions of their deadbeat dads. (see #1)  I can’t watch movies that somehow tell the stories of boys that have been abandoned, hurt, or abused by others.  I get mad.  I’ve spent time with too many young people over the years, and have heard first-hand stories of the pain they carry.

3. Weak or unjust leadership. People need leaders; but not just any type of leaders.  They need people who can lead with wisdom and justice, all the while putting others’ needs before their own.  I hate when I see poor leadership.  And I don’t mean just leaders making decisions I don’t agree with.  I mean weak, self-centered, arrogant, unjust worldly leadership.

4. Leaders that don’t follow. Leadership is only half the story.  When Jesus first called his disciples, he called them to follow him.  Paul, in I Corinthians, invited us to follow his example as he followed the example of Christ.  Leaders that always want to be in front and who can’t – in humility – submit themselves to others are dangerous.

5. Legalism. Said simply, the way we try to create rules, hurdles or hoops to jump through that in doing somehow “earn” us favor with God.  This is hollow, deceptive, exhausting, and completely not why Jesus came, yet so many know nothing more of christianity than this.

Ok, I need to take a breath.  Just thinking through and writing those out have increased my heart rate.

If you are thinking of decisions that would determine direction in your life, I would encourage you to think about the passion that God has given you.  Then do something about it.

What comes to mind?  How would you answer this simple question of what makes you angry?