It’s been months since I first announced I was leaving my current job as the Executive Director of Ministries for Pine Cove.  Since that announcement I’ve had countless people ask where we were going to go next.  We had no clue…until now.

I tell people I feel like the nation of Israel.  I rolled into town 15 years ago in a rented Ryder truck pulling my Ford Ranger behind it with only my faithful dog, “Buddy” at my side.  15 years later I’m leaving with a great wife and a car load full of kids.  (Poor Buddy ended up being a midnight snack for a coyote a few years back.)

Over the past year I’ve considered what I’m passionate about.  I’ve taken countless personality and spiritual gifts inventories, and thought a lot about what to do when you feel stuck.

Steph and I have talked to numerous churches, ministries and other non-profits during this search.  Some were near us here in Texas, and some would require us to move overseas.

After much prayer and godly advice from trusted friends, we have decided to move….. to Arizona.


I will be joining the team at Family Matters as their new Executive Director.  In this role I will be able to provide strategic leadership to a ministry that currently produces great resources centered around grace-based relationships in the family.

Many people are familiar with the founder, Dr. Tim Kimmel.  He has written some great books like Grace Based Parenting or Raising Kids for True Greatness and speaks all over the world on these topics.

In this role I’ll be able to continue writing and speaking on the topic of Godly parenting.  This blog will continue to get more focused on issues that christian families encounter.

For those of you who have encouraged us along the way, thank you.  We appreciate you more than you know.  This journey has been a journey of faith, and God continues to show himself faithful with each step.

Believe it or not, Arizona does have some trees and a little grass.  Not much, but it’s there.  We’ll be in the Phoenix area.  From what we hear, it gets a little warm there.  We’ll see.

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