This blog is not about me, yet there are times when I think it is good to stop and talk with you who are reading about my life.  This past month has been a whirlwind of decisions and announcements for us, and I think it only appropriate to stop and explain a few things.

So a few weeks ago I announced in this post that I would be leaving Pine Cove, the ministry that I have served in for the past 15 years.  A few days later I followed it up with this post, explaining how we went about making a decision when the answer of where’d we go next was unclear.

Since then, many people have asked both Steph and I questions about our current situation. In an effort to keep you informed, let me answer a few of the top questions here.

1. What are you thinking you will do next?

I’m not quite sure.  Right now I’m not searching for a specific “job,” as much as I am praying, looking, and connecting with ministries that I respect.  I know my spiritual gifts are leadership, exhortation and administration.  I know I’m passionate about causes like: the role of fathers, marriage, parenting, fostering and adoption.  In other words, I am passionate about God’s work in and through the family.  The next place I end up will be a place where I can lead and exhort people to live out God’s call on their lives.

2. Where are you looking?

I’ve focused most of my attention on talking to leaders in ministries that I have met over the years.  I have talked to a few churches, a few camps, and quite a few non-profits.  They have been located in Arizona, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Tennessee and California.  We have prepped our kids that we think we will be moving to follow God to our next place.

3. What prompted this whole decision?

People have called asking me what the real story is.  You know… the story behind the story.  The truth is, the real story is that Steph and I got to a place that we sensed God has closed this chapter on our lives.  We love Pine Cove, have seen God transform many people there, and are sad to go.  But, we also believe we are on this earth one time.  During that short span of a life, God invites us into His story.  We believe He wants to use us somewhere else now.

I don’t believe leaving your current job is the “spiritual” thing to do.  Walking by faith is.  Our faith requires us to follow Him on this one.

4. How can we help?

We would love it if you would pray for us, that God would eventually make it clear to us where our next place is.  I’m excited to watch God work through this process, and to tell the stories on this website.  If you know of anything that could be a great place for us to land, please let us know.

Thanks to all of you who care enough to ask, and are just as excited as we are to see where God leads us.  It really means a lot.

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