It would seem like a reintroduction might be appropriate at this point. After all, it has been over a month since I last wrote a substantive article for this blog. Let me explain why…

Three years ago now I started this blog. I’ve written many posts on a variety of topics. Through the process, I realized what I wanted to write most about had everything to do with families. I’ve heard people describe my blog to others as a leadership blog, but that’s probably not the best descriptor.

I do enjoy reading books on organizational leadership, my top spiritual gift is leadership, I have been working on a Masters Degree in Global Leadership, and I am currently leading a ministry. However, most of what I discuss on this site comes back to the family.

That said, I have been hunkering down with mine.

What about my family?

Many of you followed our story of adopting two kids out of the foster care system just over a year ago. In my last post, I even shared the recent CBS news segment done on our family.

It’s hard to imagine actually saying we have gotten into a rhythm of having five kids, but I think that is now the case. We have kids ages 8,7,5,4 and 3. Most people give me a good chuckle when I tell them the age and stage of my family. They probably should. There is much to laugh about.

Our new kids have adjusted well and become part of the very fabric of our family. It’s hard to explain. I know our 2 youngest kids are adopted. I know they are both African-American. But other than the difference in how we care for their hair, we have really blended to create one beautiful mosaic. I wouldn’t have it any differently.

What about the ministry?

Right after we adopted our two kids, I accepted the position of President of the Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas. My wife and I decided to do this after much thought, discussion and prayer. We believed this could be a really strategic move to help connect God’s people to kids in our community who needed them most.

Over the period of the year, I’ve worked with my Board to make many changes to this organization. Through the process, we actually became the very first BGC in the country to become a stand alone, Christ-centered ministry. We’re excited to see the impact we could have not only on this community, but also on other BGC’s around the country that might want to redefine their purpose similar to ours.

We have experienced about a 90% turnover in our full-time staff, and 75% turnover in our part-time staff in the last year alone. This came as we got more focused as a ministry. We created a statement of faith for our staff and board members and determined our core values: Christ-centered, biblically-grounded, grace-based, excellence-driven and multi-ethnic. We shut down some programs we had, expanded others, and even merged with another local ministry (that will be announced soon in our community).

I’ve finally begun to hear the stories I came to this ministry to here – that God was using us to transform both kids and families in our community in the Name of Jesus. These are the messy stories, you know, the ones involving drugs, single parenthood, and incarceration. They are the stories of God’s people stepping into the gap of the fatherless among us.

It is quite the story to tell, but I’ll save it for a different post.

Why do I tell you all that?

Needless to say, as the year wore on, I found myself “dumping fuel.” I had to temporarily set some things down that I loved doing – like writing a blog – to mentally focus on the ministry I was leading, and emotionally connecting with my wife and kids. I’m excited to pick this one back up and start offering insight into topics about which I am most passionate.

I tell you that merely as an update on my life. This blog is not about me, but is written by me. I figured you might be interested in a little context of someone speaking so much on the grace of God being lived out in the home.

If you are still reading this post at this point, and are interested in continuing to read this blog in the future, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to sift through those articles I write and looking for any gold nuggets to be found within.

Next week I will pick back up. First post out of the gate – “What are you teaching your kids when you’re not teaching your kids?”

If you have topics you’d like to see me address in the future, please let me know in the comment section below.